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We're starting the second season of The Trap

September 02, 2019

Tonight at 9.00 PM will be broadcasted the first episode of the second season of The Trap - polish hit thriller produced by TVN.

It was many hours, full of ideas, challenges, interesting sound design, and hard work. But above all that it was a pleasure and a great time spent with awesome people.

Thank you for that opportunity.

It's month from now on

June 18, 2019

A Polish action movie The Fighter will hit the cinemas in a month from now on. Who will win the fight?

Creating music in this motion picture was an interesting and instructive experience.

You will hear the results soon.

Have nice day.

A video game also deserves a proper soundtrack

December 31, 2018

Every project is like a new adventure. This time I will face new challenges working on a soundtrack to the video game. It's different than composing to the movie and this is why it's so exciting.

We're working on a AAA title available on every major gaming platform.

Unfortunately, I can't tell you more now, but you will get more information in 2020. 


See you around!

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Michal Dul Music is an audio project specialized 
in creating musical content for artists, movies & media.
It is founded by
Michal Dul, a Polish composer, music producer, and accordionist.

Michal Dul

Born in Warsaw, Poland.
ntrigued by sounds, composition and accordion since his early days. He entered musical education at the age of seven and continued to discover the world of audio.

As a graduate of Chopin's Warsaw Music School, he founded a company named MeUseek Production (at present Michal Dul Music).


Dul's creativity is an interesting mixture of classical music elements, Slavic roots and modern electronic sounds with high attention to details.

Let the music speak for itself.


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